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Sunmark offers everyday savings
over national brands.

Sunmark is Health Mart's Generic Brand

Quality at a better price Sunmark is able to offer you better prices because, unlike most national brands, no money is spent on advertising. The brand saves money and so do you.

Preferred by pharmacists and consumers nationwide, Sunmark® products feature high-quality ingredients but cost significantly less than the national brands. From vitamins and supplements to personal care and prescription drugs, Sunmark® offers you and your family exceptional value.

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About Prescription Generics

Prescription drugs come in two basic forms—
1. brand-name drugs
2. generic drugs.
When a patent expires on a brand name drug, a generic company can produce a generic copy. A generic drug has exactly the same active ingredients as the brand name drug it copies. Generics are much less expensive and by law are not allowed to look exactly like the brands they copy. Generics cannot be the same color and shape as the brand name drug.

Sunmark is  Health Mart's generic brand. Sunmark has its own version of almost all 'over the counter' brand name products. Much cheaper and just as effective.